About Us

Hector and Cedric’s skilled design and carpentry team are based at their workshop in Ecclesall Woods. We are highly experienced in the design and construction of traditional and contemporary timber frame buildings and structures.

We work with structural timbers that are prepared using the ancient method of scribing pegged mortice and tenon joints to create the framework for inspiring and unique buildings.

Our team are just as experienced with the specialist design and construction methods used in modern highly insulated eco buildings. Combining the latest technology with natural and traditional materials.

Our portfolio is wide ranging; We design & build traditional timber frames and trusses, eco-houses, unique extensions, timber conservatories, garden studios, shelters, porches, structures and furniture.

We are serious about sustainability and the impact of construction on our planet, using minimal petroleum based and low carbon footprint products, sourcing our timber as locally as possible and using natural and recycled insulation. We have worked on modern passive houses and straw bale buildings.

Whether you have a firm vision in mind or need some help to develop your ideas, our creative team can work with you make it a reality. We are here to guide you through the whole process from planning through to finished project.