Camping – Glamping Pod

Our camping – glamping pod is a unique, warm and cosy place to stay. If you are looking for some extra income or some extra space to enjoy in your garden, our cruck framed pod could be the answer. It’s inspired by the historic cruck frame and an upturned boat. Constructed around an exposed traditional timber frame, which is hand jointed and pegged to create an elegant curve. Built from locally sourced timber, highly insulted with eco insulation it comes complete with electrical hook up and double glazing. We offer various finishing options and details for our camping pods including galvanized wheeled chassis with tow-bar, doors, windows, cladding, roofing options and bespoke internal fit outs. Planning permission is unlikely to be required due to the size and mobility of this structure. Please get in touch for more information on our camping pods and bespoke glamping structures, or if you would like to test one out by spending a few nights in one. Priced from £9500

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