Garden Studio

Hector and Cedric specialise in garden studios and home offices.

Garden Studio features sliding doors and a side window installed in a douglas fir frame.This Studio is highly insulated and clad in native larch and cedar cladding.

Our garden studios and garden offices are super insulated, providing a bright and warm space for use throughout the seasons. Extend your living space in your garden with a Hector and Cedric’s timber framed garden studio or office.

Using high quality sustainable materials for our buildings we offer various options for the design and detailing, locally sourced timber cladding, glazing, doors, sliding doors, roof lights, and windows.

We will work with you to design your home studio or office to any size, requirements and budget, guiding you through the permitted development and planning rules.

Ideal as home garden workshop, studio or office. We offer a full design and install solution.

Get in touch for help and advise with your home studio and office project.